Daftar Gemscool

Daftar Gemscool below is how the list is very easy to list Register Register please continue with the download list into www.gemscool.com Register / registration / index.php then fill the form provided and follow these steps:

In the "Register ID" fill in accordance with gamescool id you want and check availability of the selected id.

In the "Password" you can specify your own password which consists of a combination of words with the letter. While the number of characters for a password at least is 6, while the maximum is 12.

For the section "Re-type Password" back fill in this column the same password with a password that has been previously filled in the column above.

Daftar GemscoolIn the "E-mail address" fill in your email name, email that must be filled indeed a valid email address.

In the "Tel. / HP" fill in accordance with a phone number or your mobile phone.

For the "Full Name" you can fill in accordance with your name. But if you do not want your name known, then to fill in this section can be ignored or did not need to be filled.

In the "Security Question" please select one of the questions that have been determined, for example, "Does Color your passions?"

In the "Answer" fill in your answers according to answer the above questions, such as "Yellow"

In the "Image Verification" fill the merger numbers and letters shown in the picture that appears. In the picture above shows the combined numbers and letters are "6ZC5"

Check the "I agree"

Click the "Create My Account" to continue the registration stage Daftar Gemscool.


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